Flirty Florals

Inspired by my amazing new nail design (as seen below), I decided to show off one of my favorite summer trends … FLORALS. Being a dance teacher, I spend most of my time in black workout clothes, so I am always trying to find a way to incorporate my favorite seasonal trends into my nails or accessories. Thanks to my friend Chante Branch over at Vixen Makeup Art (who helped with my nails) I am able to do that. Check out some of my favorite floral print looks this season down below, and don’t forget to share with me some of your favorite spring/summer trends as well.

Some of my favorite floral trends this summer:

Shop for florals at some of my favorite stores. Click the links below to begin shopping.

  • Floral Sunnies from American Eagle $15.50 (perfect w/ your summertime Fun Bun)
  • Floral Shorts form American Eagle $39.95 (perfect w/ a simple white tee)
  • Floral Pants from H&M $34.95 (perfect w/ a tank top and bold accessories)
  • Floral Tank from Forever 21 $14.80 (perfect as show with cut off jean shorts)

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