Wednesday’s Wish-List: Essie Fall 2012 Collection Stylenomics

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Today I have decided to continue on with my themed weekly posts and have created a Wednesday theme called Wednesday’s Wish-List. Each Wednesday I will share with you my wants and needs for the week. Some weeks they may be dream items, other weeks cheap items, but either way I have a whole lot of wishes I want to come true. I have decided to start off my first Wednesday Wish-List post with something all my readers can afford: Essie’s Fall 2012 collection – Stylenomics. Everyone knows nails can can be a fashion bloggers best friend or worst enemy. One up close shot of your latest arm candy with chipped nails, and suddenly your arm candy just became a lot less sweet. So do yourselves a favor – keep those nails fall ready with some of this season hottest colors. My personal favorite? The color this collection was named after – Stylenomics. Which color is your fave?

  • Photo: Essie Stylenomics collection from left to right: Skirting The Issue, Don’t Sweater It, Head Mistress, Stylenomics, Recessionista, Miss Fancy Pants

Ready to buy? Essie’s fall collection can be purchased individually at stores like Target for $7.79 each or in a mini 4-pack (minus 2 colors from the collection) from Nordstrom for $17.00 by clicking HERE.


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