Now Introducing: FASH

OK guys … This next post is near and dear to me, it’s all about dreams coming true. Last year when I chose to pursue a career in fashion one of my assignments was to interview someone I had never met before in the fashion industry. I of course chose Anna James of Fash Boulevard, she’s amazing! I asked her all sorts of questions and she was extremely helpful. Since a year ago, Anna has had some amazing experiences and opportunities come her way. She got married to her long term boyfriend Justin, she is now a guest blogger for Lauren Conrad and Giuliana Rancic, and more importantly her dreams of becoming an accessory designer have finally come true. I highly recommend that everyone check out her new jewelry line FASH on Poshlocket, and order a few pieces to add to their collections. I promise you will not be disappointed. The bow ring is most definitely my favorite piece, but I am in love with them all. Which look is your favorite?

FASH Black Crystal Ring – $28.00


FASH Large Bow Ring – $28.00

FASH Crystal Tiger Ring – $28.00

FASH Organic Disc Ring (Gold) – $28.00

FASH Organic Disc Ring (Silver) – $28.00 

FASH Prism Ring (Gold) – $30.00

FASH Prism Ring (Silver) – $30.00

FASH Winged Link Ring (Gold) – $28.00

FASH Winged Link Ring (Silver) – $28.00

Ready to buy? Click the links above or visit FASH on  

5 thoughts on “Now Introducing: FASH

    • Thanks for the comment Kasia 🙂
      All the FASH jewelry currently available on are rings, but the prism rings would look great with matching earrings … Great suggestion!
      Thanks again for the comment.

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