Happy Birthday Rachel Zoe!

Happy Labor Day – I hope everybody is thoroughly enjoying their 3 day weekend! Perhaps with some last season swimming, BBQ’s, or my personal favorite … Taking advantage of some of this weekends major shopping sales. I spent the weekend in Reno not doing any of those, but the nonetheless it was amazing fun. I was so busy having a good time this weekend I wasn’t able to post this until today, but Rachel Zoe (one of my biggest Fashion Icons) celebrated her 41st birthday this past Saturday and I wanted to celebrate with her by showing you all some of my favorite pieces from her latest collections. They may or may not be on sale for Labor Day Weekend, but either way these pieces are a MUST buy!




Ready to buy? All the pieces in this post are available at:


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rachel Zoe!

  1. You know, I’ve heard that Zoe has come into some trouble with her line. I’m gonna be a Negative Nancy – I don’t find anything different about her line. But I love her personal style! It’s a weird, conflicted feeling.

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