Jessica Alba & 7 ways to switch up your jeans look!

When I need to rock a new jean look I follow these seven simple rules and I look to my favorite Jean Queen Jessica Alba for inspiration. She always makes jeans look so amazing, no matter the occasion. Today’s post isn’t to create jean looks for specific occasions (we can do that later) but instead ways to switch up your current jeans look. Jeans are the true chameleons of fashion, so start now – challenge your jeans to turn it up a notch.

  • 1. Try the newest colors & prints. This season hunter green, oxblood, navy blue and red are worth giving a try and as far as prints, leave florals behind, and rock the camouflage.
  • 2. Cuff it. Transform your favorite pair of jeans by turning up the hem and changing up the lengths. One wide cuff, a few small rolls, whatever length you choose, change it up! My personal favorite? Cropped skinnies – they work with all types of shoes.
  • 3. Prep it up. Give your flares a preppy twist by pairing them with a button up or a crop blazer. I love this 70’s inspired look.
  • 4. Go dressy casual. Wear your most casual jeans and pair them with dressy sequin, lace and sparkle. This contrast makes the perfect combination for the season.
  • 5. Accessorize. Pairing your boldest jewelry (think chunky) and most statement making heels (think animal print & sparkle) can dress up a casual jean look in seconds.
  • 6. Get cozy. Forget all this dressing up, sometimes what we really need is to dress down. Dress down a pair of cropped skinnies with a oversized sweater or scarf and ankle boots. There’s no better way to say welcome the cold weather!
  • 7. Go masculine. Jean or no jeans hints of masculine has me going crazy. I love this trend. Pull this look off by pairing your most fab pair of cropped boyfriend jeans with a basic tee or sweatshirt (think tomboy) and a girlie pair of heels.

Ready to see these looks in action? Check out Jessica’s best examples here:





Boyfriend Jean

Cozy & Oversized

The right accessories turn this basic look more stylish.

Red carpet denim

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16 thoughts on “Jessica Alba & 7 ways to switch up your jeans look!

  1. I usually wear my jeans casually and on rare occassions I dress them up! I wish I could pull Jessica’s look with the scarf+beanie…

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