Halloween Fun: How to decorate your pumpkin

Okay all … With just a little over 2 weeks left until Halloween it’s time to stop procrastinating and kick it into high gear. Every fashionista knows that going all out on the decoration is a total must. After a week of getting distracted by work, useless reality T.V shows, and planning a trip to Disneyland (okay and maybe a little shopping) I finally made it to the pumpkin patch today. This year I made the decision NOT to carve my pumpkin but to decorate it instead. I ran across these images last year on Lauren Conrad’s blog (after carving my pumpkins of course) and immediately knew I had to try out a few of these ideas the following year. So here you go …. A few of my favorite ways to decorate a pumpkin without the mess. Which look is your fave?




Blackboard Paint:


Puff Paint:


For more ways to decorate your pumpkin, check out the complete post on Lauren Conrad’s blog by clicking here.

And for a little added fun, here’s me picking out our pumpkins this year. Ignore the hair, it was a little windy.

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Fun: How to decorate your pumpkin

  1. Wow these pumpkins sure put mine to shame. I love the first and second one and it’s making me want to do more than just draw a smiley face with a marker on my pumpkin. lol..

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