Currently Craving: Tights & Booties

I would like to introduce everyone to a new topic on my blog, I call it Currently Craving. I got the name because just like Sugar, we all have cravings – things we want, need, and just cannot live without. Currently craving is a post in which I share those things. I know what your thinking, you already have a Wednesday Wish List – what do you need a Currently Craving for? But it is different. Currently craving will be a look, a collection, a trend that I simply adore and just can’t get enough of, while Wednesday Wish List will now be specific items. Currently craving will allow me to better organize my blog, and hopefully in return it will help everyone else too. So lets get started. This week I am currently craving tights & booties. While solid black tights are my favorite, I like colored tights, and patterned tights too. This look just screams fall to me, and it’s a great way to stay warm. Check out a few of my favorite looks and where to get them. I dare you – if you haven’t worn this look yet, do it now!

Photo found on Pinterest (unknown source)

Photo courtesy of Irene’s Closet

Photo courtesy of A Girl’s Kind of Therapy 

Photo courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific 

Photo found on Pinterest (unknown source)

Photo courtesy of Dulce Candy 

Photo courtesy of The Clothes Horse 

Photo courtesy of See Jane

Photo found on Pinterest (unknown source)

Unknown Photo Source

Photo courtesy of Gal Meets Glam

Ready to shop this season’s hottest tights and boots at bargain prices? Click below.



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