My Winter Essentials …

Now that it is officially FREEZING, I think it’s a good time to introduce to you all … My current WINTER ESSENTIALS. I live in California, so my essentials may be a little different than lets say someone in Utah or New York – but nonetheless, even if its sunny outside, it’s cold and us California girls still have special needs. So lets gets started.

1. Beanie’s – I’m a new found lover of Beanie hats. I used to think that they made me look boyish (because I had short hair) but now, long hair or not, I absolutely love this look. I like to rock them with curls – so cute and so warm!


2. Boot Socks – I absolutely love this look. Accessories for accessories … does it get any better than this? As a California girl, flip flops may be my first shoe choice, but in the winter, boots are a total necessity. Stay warm all winter long with these adorable socks.

socks - yourpocketstylist

3. Chapstick – No winter essential list is complete without some kind of Chapstick. You can wear the most gorgeous clothes, by the most famous designers, but if your dry chapped lips steal the attention, what’s the point?


4. Coat – I love coats! Oh wait – thats an understatement …. I LOVE LOVE LOVE COATS! They are so simple and still so chic. Within seconds they can transform any look into the perfect Winter ensemble. How fabulous does Julianne Hough look in this winter white coat below?


4. Leggings – Want to know the best way to re-wear your fall clothing this Winter? Leggings. Not only do they look fabulous, but they are warm too. Pair them with a sweater dress for an ultra chic look in seconds.


5. Pop of Color – Winter wardrobes tend to consist of drab colors. Break out of your winter blues (or in my case blacks & grays) and add a pop of color. I love these colored jeans!


6. Scarves – I said it before, and I’ll say it again – Scarves are an absolute must. Like many of my choices on this list, they are warm and super fashionable. In the Fall, I use my scarves as an accessory, but in the Winter I use them to stay warm. Want the warmest scarf out there? I highly recommend a fur one like this one.


7. Starbucks – Ok I know this isn’t exactly a fashion accessory, but it is a Winter Essential, and I think it compliments our winter wardrobes quite nicely … Don’t you?


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22 thoughts on “My Winter Essentials …

  1. I live in Missouri, so boots and coats are definitely a necessity here in the winter. I always love wearing scarves as well because they can easily add an extra pop of color or pattern to an outfit! I also used to Never wear beanies or winter hats of any kind because I had short hair, but now that my hair has grown out I’m loving beanies this year!


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