Friday Favorites: My Favorite People

For this week’s Friday Favorites post, I have decided to change things up a little. Instead of posting my favorite looks of the week or my favorite collection – I have decided to share with you instead MY FAVORITE PEOPLE!

Besides my amazing fiancee, and family of course, my dance students are my favorite people. They work so hard and I absolutely love their passion. In case you were unaware of my day job ( or should I say my never ending job) I am a dance instructor, and I absolutely love what I do. My strength (and heart) lies within tap dance, but I do it all. I spend endless hours away from home, traveling to dance competitions, and teaching classes.

Check out a few videos of my favorite people doing a few of my favorite dances. For more pictures and videos you can visit my website at:

Thanks again for reading I wish you all an amazing weekend!

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