Wednesday Wish List: Ray-Ban Aviators

My o my has it been awhile since my last Wednesday Wish List. For some reason I find this post so hard to create. If I go shopping, I want everything I see, but for some reason come Wednesday I either forget about it, already bought it, or no longer think I want something. Ah! The story of sharing our lives with others right? Well, this week – that is not the case.

Ever since seeing Kourtney Kardashian rocking these black plastic Ray Ban aviators awhile back, I just knew I wanted them. Better yet, when I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Tamara Kalinic, from Glam and Glitter wearing them, I just knew I HAD to have them.

Aviators have always been one of my favorite summer accessories. How about you? Do you love these aviators as much as I do? What is your favorite summer accessory?

glamandglitterrayban kourtrayban

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Fall Fashion Musts: Scarves

So now that fall has officially arrived in California, it’s time to pull out my most beloved fall accessory – My Scarves. Dressed up or down, I just love them. They are cozy, warm, and effortless. Forget statement necklaces, this fall I’m wearing statement scarves – That works right? If not, I am doing anyways. Check out a few (okay a lot) of my favorite ways to wear a scarf this fall, and let me know which look is your fave. Not a pro at wearing scarves yet? Thats ok – Check out the “how to” video below. 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes, Your going to love it!

Wear a scarf to add pattern/print to an otherwise monochrome look. Image by I shopped till I dropped. 

Add a scarf with boots to complete a fabulous fall look! Image by The Weekend Diary. 

Add a scarf to create layers. Layers are another one of my favorite fall trends. Image by Mariannan.

Add a scarf to change up the fabrics. Chunky knit + satin scarf = amazing textures. Image by To Vogue or Bust. 

Wear a short scarf (long scarves will create unwanted bulges) inside your coat to change up the look and still stay warm. Image by See Jane.

Or wear it on the outside. Either way, we love them both! Image by Katzis.

Add a scarf up top to help tie in colors down below. I just love this burgundy chunky knit scarf wore by Lenore Lame.

Add a scarf to a casual look to keep it cool & chic. Without accessories (like scarves of course) simple outfits can look to bland and boring. Photo source unknown.

Balance out long lean lines with a oversized bag and sweater. Everything about this look by Brooklyn Blonde is amazing!

A scarf in neutral colors will make your money well spent. It’s classic, chic & will go with everything in your closet. Image by Lovely Pepa.

Add a scarf to any neutral outfit for a quick pick me up. Did I mention how amazing Alexandra’s rosy cheeks look in this pic? This look is total fall and we love it.

There’s something about this look that is so cozy! We love it. Nice pop of color! Image by Mariannan.

Last but not least we love ankle boots, skinnies & scarves together. Another instant fall look in 3 easy steps. Come on do it – I know you have all 3 of these items in your closet. Photo source unknown.

How to tie your scarves like a pro! Check out the video down below by Wendy.

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